Which Search Engine Marketing Strategies are Working Right Now?

Written by: Drew Lyon   Austin, Texas

Posted on: February 4, 2012



This is the time of year when everyone makes their predictions for 2012—nothing wrong with that; we’re always experimenting with new search engine techniques that may, or may not, end up becoming industry standards. However, when someone asks us what they can do to immediately improve their internet marketing efforts, whether it’s a client or anyone else, we try to give them something more concrete than a prediction. We tell them what’s working now, rather than speculating what might work a year from now.

So what is working now?

Lucky for us, many of the search engine trends and strategies we touched on last year can now be re-classified from ‘experiments’ to ‘effective practices’. These practices have been folded into our own marketing campaigns accordingly and all them are sound strategies for promoting your website, as of now.

Here are the main themes:

Social is here to STAY

When the world’s largest search engine, Google, decides to release their own social network, Google+, AND they begin promoting content from their social network in search results, it becomes imperative to include social in every search engine marketing strategy.

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The biggest GROWTH is on Mobile & Tablet devices

Although the iPad continues to dominate the tablet space, it would appear that 2011 gave us its first real competitor, Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire is a low-cost alternative to the iPad that has already put millions of new devices in the hands of consumers. Remember, tablets are less of a productivity tool and more of a consumption / browsing device, making them the perfect delivery vehicle for raising awareness about your business.

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You just can’t put a price on original CONTENT

As Google continues to crack down on poor, unoriginal content, provocative, original content will only become more important. Very few businesses make it a priority to regularly update the text on their website or company blog, opening the door for you to dramatically increase search engine visibility by publishing new content—so long as it’s quality content—as often as possible.

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