Day 50 – 10 Point Website Checklist

Written by: Drew Lyon   Austin, Texas

Posted on: February 20, 2011


For our 50th video we’ve decided to apply a 10 point Internet Marketing checklist to the Austin Tri-Cyclist website.

Here are the guidelines (feel free to grade your own website);

  1. Do you have a Google Places account? YES
  2. Are you currently achieving organic SEO ranking (top 5 for common keywords)? NO
  3. Are you doing Pay-Per-Click Advertising (paid search placement)? NO
  4. Do you have current social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)? YES
  5. Do you promote these accounts with social plug-ins on your website? YES
  6. Does your website follow basic conversion practices (contact info, homepage form, etc.)? NO
  7. Do you have an active blog? YES
  8. Is your homepage content optimized for SEO (500+ words, keyword mentions)? NO
  9. Does your website use SEO-friendly URLs? NO (URL should be: instead of:
  10. Does your website feature user-friendly navigation? NO

Final score for 4 YES / 6 NO – Room for improvement

Strenghts: Blog and social integration

Weaknesses: Lacking overall search engine friendliness and optimization–currently receiving little website traffic from search engines


Austin, Texas 78704 | 611 S. Congress #310

Fax: 1 (713) 589-7993