FMC Advances in Social Media Bracket Challenge & Gives Back

Written by: leslieFMC   Austin, Texas

Posted on: June 26, 2012


Social media is an increasingly important organic search ranking factor. Most social media websites, including the biggest most well-known social sites, carry high Google page ranks. This means that having well-populated and frequently used Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages and accounts for your business can significantly help your website’s search rankings (if you link all of these accounts with your URL, that is). The number of social media sites grows every day, and having a strong social presence sends a positive message to search engines.

What is the Social Media Bracket Challenge?

Because social media is so important, FindMyCompany began participating in Austin Business Journal’s bracket-style social media competition on June 1. The competition, blowing up the world of Twitter with #sociamadness, began with more than 50 Austin-based businesses, including FindMyCompany, in the “small company: 1-99 employees” category. This competition is being held nationally by The Business Journals from coast to coast. The winner of the Austin bracket goes on to compete with small companies nationwide!

Due to strong social media presence and keen social know-how, FMC has been the #2 seed in this category throughout the entire competition! We are now in the final 4 in the Austin small company category, and have some social tricks up our sleeves that can edge out the competition. To be quite frank, some of these ideas are absolutely BANANAS!

How does it Work?

We need your help to get to #1! Social media is all about interaction, and there are a few quick and simple things you can do to help us reach the top and build more followers and social media presence for your business. The more YOU interact, the stronger your social signal to search engines becomes.

1. Vote for us to win! It only takes a second, and bears a lot of weight in calculating our social influence. You can also reach all of our other social media pages from this link to like and follow us.

2. Like us on Facebook. Once you have liked our business page, you will be able to participate in the fun events and promotions we are running for #socialmadness. (Hint: there might be a FREE iPad in it for you!)

3. Follow us on Twitter @FindMyCompany. Once you follow us, feel free to leave #socialmadness or @FindMyCompany tweets.

4. Follow us on LinkedIn. Maybe you didn’t know that you can follow companies on LinkedIn – it’s similar to “liking” a company on Facebook or adding a company or brand to your Google+ circles. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can follow us to receive even more cutting-edge SEO.

Free iPad, you Say?

It may sound bananas, but all you have to do is like FindMyCompany’s Facebook page and guess how many bananas are piled onto the ping pong table at FindMyCompany’s Austin headquarters. Photos are up on our website with official rules. The winner will be the first person to guess the total or have the closest guess to the total at the end of the event (July 13th), and will receive a bona fide iPad!

By the way, all the bananas were donated to the Austin Zoo & Animal Sanctuary to feed hungry monkeys, birds and other herbivores/omnivores.

The Austin Zoo & Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that helps rescue and rehabilitate animals in need and currently has over 100 animal species. To help make the zoo a better place for guests and animals alike, visit the Zoo’s donation page.


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