Shot to the Heart: One Time Fixes that Jolt Your Social to Life

Written by: Drew Lyon   Austin, Texas

Posted on: November 5, 2012


What’s the secret to social media success for businesses? Time and personality. Hours and hours spent crafting genuinely insightful posts and non-robotic comments, offering thoughtful @replys, finding common ground with social users, connecting, hoping that one day it will all pay off. Well, that day may or may not come…

Social media is a living, breathing thing. Like a puppy it begs for your constant attention. It just won’t stop staring up at you with those sad, unread-notification eyes. So if you’re going to spend your personal time playing with Facebook and Twitter for business, you’d better be happy with what you’re already getting back in return. Don’t expect your pet to become the next Air Bud overnight.
That said, there are a few social media tweaks that are, without question, worth your time. Like a good leash or an gnarled tennis ball, these are ONE-TIME things you can do to your social accounts that will increase your social signal immediately.

It’s Alive!

Your social media existence depends on four vital organs: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. We’re not ranking these in order of importance, or suggesting which ones should get the most attention, we’re simply saying that you need ALL FOUR in order for your social monster to survive. If you don’t have all of them—yes, including LinkedIn—get them now.

Shots / Grooming

If you want search engines and users to take notice of your social accounts, then you better make sure they’re all put together.
-Fill out every field
-Link each one back to your homepage
-Add media: pictures and video
-Share business page on personal profiles to get the ball rolling

This is especially important for Google+ business pages. Google promotes pages that have pictures and videos, because it creates a richer experience for users. While you’re at it, make ’em look pretty; doll ’em up a little bit. A fun cover photo on Facebook or custom background on Twitter may be the only difference between engagement and a swift exit.
With the obvious ones out of the way, let’s get down to specifics…

Get 3 Anchor-tagged Backlinks from a High PR Domain – LinkedIn

You’ve probably heard us SEO-types going on about backlinks—the various kinds, why they’re important to SEO, and on—so we’ll spare you the explanation on why you need them. You just do.
What’s cool about this tip is that you can get THREE high-value backlinks from LinkedIn, and on top of that, you can target them to specific keywords (anchor-tagging), directly impacting your SEO.
Add up to three backlinks from LinkedIn by following these steps:
1.) Log in to your LinkedIn account
2.) Select “edit profile’
3.) Under Additional Info click ‘Add Websites’


4.) Select ‘Other’ from the drop down menu

5.) A ‘Website Title’ box will appear – This is your anchor-tag. Use a keyword.
6.) Add site URL
7.) Add two more links to subpages (Blog, Services)

Bonus Tip: Get all your employees to connect with the business profile, and have them add the business as one of their websites.

Go ahead and promote a story on Facebook…just this once.

It turns out Facebook is a business after all. Get this: They will actually let users PAY to have more people see their cat pictures, political rants, or in the case of a business, they’ll let you pay to promote a special you’ve started offering.
Here’s how to do it:
Click ‘Promote’ below any post:

(my cat!)
Pricing will vary, but you shouldn’t have to pay more than $10. If you promote a post from a business page, Facebook will let you set the budget. Don’t go crazy here. $10 or less is fine for this test.
The point is to see if you notice a spike in views, likes, comments, or shares for the promoted post. If you do, it may be worth doing periodically when you have something exciting to share.

(Apparently my kitty is worth one dollar and ten cents of promotion!)

What about Promoting Tweets?

Twitter is still rolling out it’s advertiser platforms. Right now, anyone can sign up for a Promoted Account, which according to Twitter, “is featured in search results and within the Who To Follow section. Who To Follow is Twitter’s account recommendation engine and identifies similar accounts and followers to help users discover new businesses, content, and people on Twitter.”
The catch: It’s very expensive, especially when compared with promoting a single post on Facebook

We recommend holding off on that kind of investment until there is more concrete data available on the effectiveness (if any) of this type of advertising.
Twitter Tip: Include a more specific search keyword in your Twitter bio. Most Twitter profiles describe the business in very general terms. You will get more bang for your (free) buck by promoting a specialized keyword in your Twitter profile. But as always, Don’t Spam!

Link Your Website to Your Google+ Page

There is only one sure-fire way to tell Google that a particular Google+ page should be associated with a website, and that’s by linking to it. Google recommends adding this line of code somewhere on your homepage—often the footer is a good place:
Find us on Google+ (Update the link with your page info.)
Also make sure your Google+ page is updated with your website URL (same with all of your social accounts).
Bonus Tip: Verify your business on Google+ by filling out this form.

So I don’t need anyone managing my social media after all?

Not so fast… Like we said, these are ONE-TIME updates to boost your social signal. They should be done right away, because they will make a difference. They alert search engines of your presence, but someone still needs to tell the rest of the world—the billion-plus social users—that you’re there.
Running an effective social media campaign is a lot like managing an SEO campaign; it takes time and manpower. Whether you have the resources to do it internally, or you want to get help from a Internet Marketing company, it’s going to take a lot of work.


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