Shift from Traditional Marketing to Internet Marketing

Written by: Heidi Miller   Austin, Texas

Posted on: October 17, 2010


Many business owners are reluctant to discontinue their traditional marketing efforts. Something about seeing their name 40 feet high on a billboard or hearing their voice echoing on a radio commercial resonates within. However, as these mediums continue to make less of an impression, costs stay the same (or rise). But does this form of marketing still fulfill a need? There are still people without computers and Internet connections right? Well yes, a few, but fewer and fewer every day as home connectivity rises steadily and mobile connectivity surges. This means, not only do more people have the opportunity to find your business while searching from home, but consumers are also likely to seek out businesses in the immediate, on their cell-phone or mobile Internet device.

So what are the advantages of Internet marketing?

Less expensive – the relative price per lead is significantly lower with Internet Marketing. The overhead costs for running a Television or Radio ad can be extremely high—not to mention costs associated with the production of your traditional media ad. With a little guidance, you can start advertising on the Internet immediately and effectively.

Measurable results – web analytics for tracking the success of an Internet Marketing campaign are sophisticated and highly specific. In addition to in-depth traffic details, web analytics provide complete goal/conversion tracking. This means you know exactly where your leads are coming from. One of the biggest problems with traditional marketing is the lack of accountability from large media companies. There is simply not a system in place that provides the type of transparency available with Internet marketing.

More targeted, more conversions – the versatility of Internet marketing allows a business to place ads in front of people that are already looking for their product. This might seem invasive at first, but the average consumer finds this very helpful. An Internet user who is exposed to ads for products/services that they are interested in is much more likely to become a customer.


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