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There’s a reason most businesses don’t do their own SEO: They’ve tried and it didn’t work out. It’s not something you can add on to a current employee’s workload, because there’s too much to do, and it’s not cost effective to create a new full-time position, so where does that leave you?


It leaves you looking for an internet marketing company with a proven strategy. That’s what FindMyCompany offers: an all-inclusive search engine marketing strategy backed by historical success. All of our SEO plans include LOCAL, MOBILE, and VIDEO optimization techniques. Together these pieces add up to better search rankings, more online visibility, increased traffic, and finally, more revenue for your business.


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What makes your plans special?

Experience and loads of work. It’s no secret that carrying out a well-rounded SEO strategy requires many different moving parts coming together. You need someone to optimize the code, another person writing content, one more uploading and optimizing YouTube videos, a manager for your Google+ Listing, and plenty more where that came from. Our experience enables us not to get everything done, but to get it done in a more efficient and impactful manner.


Rank Higher in Search Results!

Do I need Search Engine Marketing?

Absolutely you do. An unoptimized website is there only for the people that already know about your business, but a well-optimized website is about getting people to discover your business—new customers / new revenue. The sheer volume of traffic on the internet means you can’t afford to ignore website marketing.



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Our headquarters are in Austin, Texas, but our clients are spread all over the United States. We’re all on the same internet, so managing the online presence of your San Francisco or Chicago–based business works about the same no matter where you are. If you have a question about your account, all you do is email, call or even request a video conference. We’re always here for you.



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