SEO Dictionary – 1st Edition

Written by: Drew Lyon   Austin, Texas

Posted on: November 30, 2011


Well if you thought reading the dictionary was fun, then wait’ll you get ahold of our SEO dictionary. Talk about a page turner…

NOTE: Included below are definitions for common SEO terms in the context of a search engine marketing campaign.
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Project Hours: total number of man hours dedicated to an SEO campaign; actual time worked.
SEO Keywords: a core group of keywords agreed upon by both parties (SEO company / Client) to be the focus of SEO efforts; optimization done to this group of keywords will result in rankings increase for those keywords and for many additional keyword variations.
SEO Reporting: a detailed breakdown of SEO tasks completed, changes in rankings, and website metrics such as % change in traffic from search engines.
Conversion Tracking: adding code to a website in order to track when a particular action is completed; conversions may include form submissions, sales, or visits to a particular page.
Onpage Optimization: code-level updates that tell search engines what a particular website is about; may include using SEO keywords in title, meta, description, and image tags.
Clean Code: HTML that is free of of extraneous commands; preferable to search engines.
Robots.txt: file that includes a set of instructions for search engine bots to follow; may be used to exclude certain pages of a website that are of no SEO value (a copyright page, for example).
Sitemap: a roadmap of pages and navigation items on your website; may be used to create a hierarchy of important pages and information.
Content Writing: authoring of keyword-rich website copy to bolster SEO efforts while retaining natural language.
Reciprocal Link Request: offering to exchange links with a thematically-similar website in order to increase the SEO value of both sites.
One-way Link Submission: website link is added to a valuable directory or online resource that aggregates sites based on theme, category, or location.
Social Link: connection to a website from any number of popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, etc.).
Content Link: authoring general website content for third-party sites with keyword links back to original website.
Anchor Tag: the link itself is an SEO keyword; example: SEO Austin.
Video Submission: posting and optimizing video for media sharing sites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).
Press Release: authoring a properly formatted announcement of company news or product release for submission to major press outlets; attributed back to website with link, greatly increasing SEO value.
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Remember, this is only the first edition of our SEO dictionary. Check back for new entries.


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