The importance of website content for SEO

Written by: Heidi Miller   Austin, Texas

Posted on: October 22, 2010


With everyone coveting clean minimalist design, many companies are forgetting the importance of actual text on a website. Having keyword-rich content on your site is integral to increasing website rankings through SEO.

Here are some guidelines on how to properly incorporate keyword-saturated copy on your website…

Why do I need text?

Above all, search engines look for consistency when determining how high to rank a website and what phrases to rank it for. First, keywords are placed directly into the code of a website. Then, throughout an SEO campaign, all links to your site are anchor-tagged with these keywords. Equally important, these same keywords must appear directly in the text of your website. If your site maintains keyword consistency between off-site linking, code optimization and on-page copy, ranking efforts will be highly successful.

What’s the right length?

No need to fear text on the homepage. Well-crafted copy promotes search engine rankings, blends elegantly into a site’s design and reinforces brand messaging. Because homepage text is crawled most frequently, this page should feature a minimum of 300 words.

How many keywords?

A lot of time and research goes into choosing your SEO keyword list. Depending on the scope of your campaign, you can determine how many keywords to feature on each page. Too many keywords will be flagged as spamming. Search engines read website text like a person—left to right, top to bottom. You want keywords to appear early on and then get dispersed regularly throughout. Ideally, 5-7% of the words on each page should be SEO targeted keywords (15-20 keyword instances in a 300 word homepage).

Still not sure?

Consider your website visitor’s perspective. Once your site starts achieving rankings for targeted keywords, visitors expect content relevant to their search query. If they are immediately greeted with content related to their search, they will be likely to perform your desired action.


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