SEO Client FAQ

Written by: Drew Lyon   Austin, Texas

Posted on: October 20, 2010


I see traffic going up, but how do I get more leads?

There are really only two factors that determine whether or not a website will produce leads: Usability and Conversion.
  1. Usability: Usability refers to ease of use and organization for a website. Information must be presented clearly and paths of action must be defined. Sometimes, usability is difficult to test internally because employees know too much about your product and services to provide an objective assessment. First time visitors are the best barometers of usability.
  2. Conversion: Conversion refers to turning Visitors into Leads. Once a visitor calls, fills out a form or completes a desired action, they become a lead.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: We offer ‘Conversion Science’ and ‘Usability Testing’ for websites with poor conversion rates.

SERVICES PRICING: Our Conversion Science includes a complete overview of the effectiveness of your website. We apply conversion science principles for the high level flow of your website which includes your home page, main services or products pages and contact us page. Please note: We do not critique every single page of the website. The conclusion report provided can be used as a guide to apply the same principles and changes to other pages of the website. Our Conversion Science report is a flat fee of $950.00. We offer 3 levels of Usability Testing – based on how many users critique your website.

What should I do about solicitations?

This means it’s working. Once your website is more easily found on search engines and by customers, it will also be found by solicitors. Here are some common types of solicitations you may receive:

  • Directory: We are submitting your website to relevant, targeted directories. Most local and business directory listings are FREE. However, some may solicit you with an ‘upgrade offer’. Upgrading these listings WILL NOT improve rankings or increase website traffic.
  • Link trading: Other sites may contact you asking to exchange links. The majority of link exchange requests will not meet the criteria we use for building links during an SEO campaign. However, we ask that you forward all link solicitations to us for evaluation.

RECOMMENDATION: Ignore and forward. If you’re unsure whether a solicitation is spam or of possible value, forward it to our team and we’ll evaluate it based on the goals of your SEO campaign.

Do you recommend any paid directories?

As a general rule, we recommend Yahoo’s Business Directory and for paid submissions. These are high-value websites that do enhance an SEO campaign. However, most other ‘paid’ directories are considered poor quality by Search Engines.

Should I ask companies I know to link to my website?

Yes and no. Using personal or business connections to gain backlinks on high-value relevant websites could definitely be an asset to your campaign. However, it can be also be a detriment if done incorrectly.

BEST PRACTICE: Have us contact the webmaster on your behalf to ensure backlinks are ‘anchor-tagged’ and optimized properly. Note: Just because a company may be ‘BIG’ it does not necessarily mean they have a high ranking website. In actuality, they may have a low value website that you do not want a link from. For this reason, we will evaluate these websites for you.


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