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Written by: Heidi Miller   Austin, Texas

Posted on: August 9, 2011


If you’re the first person to have the content on your website, you get credit. If then Google crawls another website and finds that same content, they get penalized bad. As in, you get wiped off. All your rankings get removed and then you need to reproduce unique content on your website and wait to get re-crawled and re-indexed for you to actually show up in the search rankings again. So keep that in mind.

I have a lot of clients that ask, “Oh well you know we have this publication and it’s about us…” Doesn’t matter. If it’s been crawled on the internet before and you put it on your site, it will hurt you.


Another tool: You have to meet a minimum amount of traffic for this to work, but if you do it’s a pretty cool utility for getting a rough idea of how much traffic you, or a competitor is getting month-to-month.

To monitor you own traffic, you should be using Google Analytics. We always install that when you kick off a campaign. But with you can compare your site to some of your competitors to see how much traffic they’re getting. They’ll show you side by side. Usually, you need more than 700 to 1000 visitors a month for it to show traffic data.

One tool that gives you a basic overall idea of your SEO standing is It will show where you stand for several different factors. Do you have blog, do you have title tags, a sitemap file, things like that.


All right. Question time…


What utility checks for duplicate content, and, is duplicating your own content okay?

~First hand. Yes, Ma’am. Copyscape and No, it’s not okay. Thank you.


Alright and here’s a question you may need to think about it a little bit…


For PR, page rank, which one do you think is better: 100 PR1 back links or 10 PR3 back links?


Yes, sir. You’re first. It’s almost always going to be the 10 PR3 backlinks that provide more value than 100 junk links.


If you go search the internet and you go Google, you know, buy back links. They’re buying these packages for like 100 bucks. Those things are called link farms, too. Next thing you know you get penalized and you can’t figure out why. Then it takes twice as much work and twice as much budget to undo it, because you can’t reverse those links that are out there, those low quality links to your website that are already out there. You have to do twice as much work to get the quality links to your website, but overall, it’ll save you time and money in the end.


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