Managed Pay-Per-Click on Google Adwords

Anyone who’s tried Google Adwords has learned a few hard lessons: getting clicks is easy…the cost of those clicks adds up very fast. You can blow through your daily budget in a few minutes if you’re not careful. The goal is to squeeze more clicks and more conversions out of the same budget. Your money should bring you qualified, interested new clients – this is where we shine.

Your PPC manager’s job is to setup your account and monitor it in order to maximize budget and increase return on investment. Writing compelling ads, targeting the right keywords, adjusting bids, and a whole lot more goes into running a successful pay-per-click campaign. FindMyCompany will setup and manage your new or existing Adwords account so you get the most for your money.

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Certified Adwords Partner

FindMyCompany has met Google’s requirements for becoming a Certified Partner. That shows we have the technical expertise, but we also have the practical experience and creativity it takes to pull off difference-making campaigns. You can start today.

Rank Higher in Search Results!

Where do PPC ads show up?

Above everything else. Google reserves the top three spots in their search listings for “Sponsored Results.” This means PPC ads are the first thing you see for nearly every search. There are also display ads—in the form of graphic banners and plain text—which show up on websites that have content complementary to what you’re advertising.

Rank Higher in Search Results!

Think of the Exposure

The success of a PPC campaign is usually measured in dollar and clicks, but the hidden value comes from all the free exposure you get when people don’t click your ad. The repetitive visibility of your brand paired with the keywords you want to be found for builds a trust in your name that will convert browsers into buyers. With display advertising, your ads showing up on thematically-similar websites can lend a seal of authority to your business that can’t be bought. Make the move to boost your signal today.

Appendix of PPC Tasks

Initial Consultation & Setup: Create new Google Adwords account, create Adgroups, write Ads and enter keywords

Conversion Code Installation: Install Adwords tracking code on website to demonstrate which leads come from PPC marketing

Analytics Profile Setup: Enter business information

Local | National Search Targeting: Determine the scope and reach of campaign

Geo-Area Specific Setup: Select geographic regions in which Ads will display

Negative Keywords, A/B Ad Copy: Negative keywords prevent your ad from displaying for undesired searches (common example: ‘free’). A/B Ad copy is the technique of creating multiple ads for similar services to test Ad copy effectiveness.

Landing Page Consultation: Recommendation for creating effective product/service specific destination pages

PPC Dayparting: Breaking the day up into blocks of hours and scheduling Ads accordingly

Optimization for Mobile Devices: Ads targeted to appear on Mobile phones

Content Network: Ads that appear in Google’s extended content network (lots of visibility, typically lower CPC)

Image PPC Ads: Image or banner Ads that display on the content network

Funnel Tracking Consultation: Evaluation of which website paths are generating the most leads and typical customer browsing patters

Click Fraud Setup: Prevent malicious Ad clicks

Monthly Analytics & Support: Analytics provide detailed information about your PPC campaign performance. This includes Cost-Per-Click, breakdown of keywords and ads that received clicks and much more comprehensive Adwords campaign statistics.

Conversion Cost Analysis: Evaluation of Cost-Per-Conversion and recommendations to lower costs and increase ROI. Each successive level of PPC management includes additional keyword targeting and advanced services. Often the level of PPC management is determined by the nature of your business. For example, a shopping cart website targeting thousands of keywords (products) with each ad directed to a unique product page require a higher level of PPC management. Our experienced PPC managers use competitive research tools to determine which level will provide the most leads for your search marketing budget.


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