Mobile Website Checklist – Does your mobile site have all of these?

Written by: Drew Lyon   Austin, Texas

Posted on: November 30, 2010


Mobile Internet browsing has doubled in the last year–accounting for 2.8% of ALL web traffic. If that percentage sounds insignificant, consider that you’re talking about billions of page views per day. What’s 2.8% of 80 billion? A lot.

Mobile Web Browsing for Last 12 Months


With that in mind, the likelihood of a customer, or potential customer, trying to view your website on a mobile device is very high. Most websites will scale to the smaller screen size of a cellphone or tablet, but having a mobile version of your site is the only way to ensure that mobile visitors actually see the information they are looking for. For a visual example see our last blog post on mobile optimization.

And for those wondering what mobile website development should include, read on for our FULL CHECKLIST…

Clean Code
No Flash, iFrames or Ajax heavy coding. Flash does not load on certain mobile operating systems (Apple iPhone’s iOS for example). If your site relies primarily on Flash you need to develop a separate mobile version. And on a side note, you may want to reconsider your Flash-heavy homepage because it is UNREADABLE by search engines.

Mobile CSS
CSS is a stylesheet that determines the look and layout of your website. Mobile web design has its own CSS standards and guidelines. Make sure that your mobile web developer follows correct mobile CSS practices.

Easy Navagation
The navigation menu should be readable and in view at all times. Nobody is going to scroll down endlessly looking for a button to reach the next page. This is the key functionality missing from most websites that are not designed specifically for mobile browsing.

Top Content
You may have heard of the term, ‘above the fold’ in reference to traditional web design. ‘Above the fold’ content is everything in view on a homepage WITHOUT scrolling. Obviously, the size of your monitor or device plays a critical role in how much content appears above the fold. So, for mobile web design all of the important content must be placed immediately at the top of the page.

Mobile Sitemap
If you have a separate mobile website, you need a mobile sitemap file. This enables the mobile version of your site to be indexed by search engines. Ask your mobile website development team if they have created a mobile sitemap file.

These are the standard elements we provide for each mobile website we create. Additional functionality and features depend on the type of business and nature of your website.

To help decide if you need a mobile website, we encourage you to visit your site on a cellphone. How is the experience?


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