Inc. Names 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies

Written by: Drew Lyon   Austin, Texas

Posted on: August 27, 2013


We made the list! FindMyCompany ranks as the 1150th fastest growing company in the US. Beyond that, we’re listed as the 91st fastest growing company in Texas and 23rd in the Austin metro area. Who brought the champagne? Let’s toast…

First, we would like to toast to our wonderful clients. We wouldn’t be on any list or in business at all without you. Growth comes down to retaining clients and making new ones. We’re proud to say that many of the businesses we started working with more than six years ago are still with us. Over the last two years, as new SEO providers pop up around every corner of the internet, we’ve managed to add more clients than in any previous period. Cheers to that, and cheers to you, our wonderful clients.

Next, to our awesome team. The “FMC Awesome Team,” we like to call them. It’s a real testament to our team that we’ve managed to achieve this kind of growth while at the same time raising our level of service. Every day we face new competition, new updates from Google, new technologies, and every day our team rises to the challenge. Cheers to our team.

Finally, we would like to toast everyone else on the list. All 4999 of you. Actually, let’s go a step further, let’s toast everyone growing their business the right way. All lasting stories of growth and business success are roughly the same: the business creates a product that customers like and tell others about…the business delivers on their promises…the business evolves to keep giving customers what they want…the business grows.

Despite all the attention on “fastest growing,” we’ve actually taken a slow and steady approach to growth. We’re far from an overnight success. We’ve been growing steadily since 2007 and we expect to see that trend continue for many years to come. Here’s to that, and many more.


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