How to write an effective press release that also helps SEO efforts

Written by: Heidi Miller   Austin, Texas

Posted on: October 21, 2010


There are several things to consider when crafting a press release. Assuming you have something newsworthy to share, you also want to utilize this public document as a search marketing tool. Press releases are often published on high-value sites, thus creating a valuable link back to your web page.

Below are some guidelines for creating your press release with an emphasis on SEO…

1. Benefits
• BACKLINKS. Link from credible media websites that help increase your website’s value.
• VISIBILITY. Search engines catalog press releases.
• IMPRESSIONS. Tens of thousands of views in RSS headline readers.
• MEDIA. Potential for media coverage in release is newsworthy.

2. Incorporate keywords
Utilize search keywords in your headline and throughout. Try something unique and catchy, “Austin SEO Company releases Searchmine Tool that will Change the way you Google” for example. Try to keep multiple word keyword phrases together to maximize search indexing.

3. Practice
Technical writing is a difficult and learned skill. Like everything, practice makes [closer to] perfect. Regardless of your business size, if you need help authoring content, you may contact for content writing services.

4. Don’t outdate your press release
Including a date makes your information seem outdated and ultimately hurts your credibility. Additionally, omitting the date keeps websites from removing your press release if your press release does not make mention of a service(s) and/or product(s) that are only available for a limited time or expiring.

5. Be newsworthy
You’re writing a press release because you have something important to say, something newsworthy. Immediately address why the reader must pay attention and the impact your information, services, or products will provide.

6. Don’t have something new to talk about

No problem, you can easily highlight some of the following from your company:
• Introducing a new product
• Celebrating an anniversary
• Opening up branch or satellite offices
• Receiving an award
• Participating in a philanthropic event
• Introducing a unique strategy/approach
• Announcing a partnership
• Earning recognition of the company, product or executives by a publication
• Announcing a public appearance on television, radio or in person
• Launching a website
• Announcing free information available
• Announcing that you have reached a major milestone
• Expanding or renovating the business
• Meeting some kind of unusual challenge or rising above adversity
• Announcing the results of research or surveys conducted
• Sponsoring a workshop or seminar


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