Free Phone Analytics: Do you know how many calls are coming from your website?

Written by: Drew Lyon   Austin, Texas

Posted on: November 18, 2010


Google Analytics will tell you almost anything you want to know about website traffic. Want to know how many visits came from the keyword search, ‘giant purple elephants’? Check your analytics. Curious how many people in Russia are browsing your site for fur hats? Analytics can tell you. How many people clicked the fancy button labeled ‘Free Quote’? Yep, it’s in your analytics. But what if you want to know how exactly how many website visitors called the big phone number listed up top. Well, unfortunately this is where analytics won’t be able to help you. The only way to know how many people are calling your business from visiting your website is to use a unique phone number. And you can set this up for free…

Before explaining how to get a free unique phone number to use on your website, let’s look at why this is necessary, not only for customers, but for Internet marketing providers.


You’re an upstart Internet marketing company selling premium search engine optimization packages. Each month you are thrilled to show clients an increase website traffic AND improved keyword rankings. It’s working. You are so confident in their success that you ask them, “So, how are sales? Going up?” To your delight they confirm. “Yes we are doing very well.”

But before you can even mention the words extension, or upgrade, they add, “Sure, sales are up but we’re not sure it has anything to do with this SEO Internet stuff?”

Unfortunately, you can’t just say, “Of course it’s the SEO! What else could it be!?” You need data. And in many cases website analytics are sufficient, but how would you like to be able to pull out you’re secret weapon? Phone analytics. You should be able to–because anyone can claim a free number at…

All you need to do is sign up for Google voice with any new or existing Google account. During sign up, you choose your custom phone number and setup call forwarding options. This means, that calls to your Google voice number can be forwarded directly to your current business line or a cell phone. You have the option to record a custom voice message or configure the preferences so that callers will have no way of knowing their call is being forwarded. Once you’ve set-up and tested the phone number, update your website to display ONLY the new Google Voice phone number.

Here’s the best part…

When you log into your Google voice account you will find a record of ALL calls to that number. So you’ll immediately know how many people have contacted you through the website. This should also help organize leads and track close ratios.

The only drawback…

Google Voice does not currently offer ‘800’ numbers. And understandably, some national businesses or corporations may not want a local number associated to their website. But hey, it is a free service after all–if you need an ‘800’ number there are plenty of paid alternatives.


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