How to Ensure Social Media Marketing Success

Written by: Drew Lyon   Austin, Texas

Posted on: January 17, 2011


When did my dentist decide to get a Twitter account?

Probably when he noticed all of his colleagues plugging their social media accounts. That’s how social media works; it starts among friends or acquaintances, spreads to their extended networks, gets shared among people with common interests and soon enough you’ve built an audience. But not every Twitter or Facebook page generates that desired level of interest. Maybe that’s why you’ve enlisted the help of a professional Internet marketing company (like us!) to help manage your campaign.

In this guide, we differentiate the responsibilities of the Internet marketing company (us) from those of the business (you). Basically there are two distinct attributes that help set expectations and define roles in successful social media marketing…


Internet users have the collective attention span of a three year old (*estimate). If your account goes inactive, you are forgotten. Therefore, it is the job of an Internet marketing company to help maintain consistency during your social media outreach. An Internet marketing company fulfills their role by regularly posting  promotional content and steadily increasing the size of your audience. Pretty simple right?

Well, the idea is simple but building an active audience requires time and resources. Our social media team spends the majority of their time seeking out followers with interests that compliment your business. We don’t just blindly increase eyeballs, we find the users most likely to listen to what you’re saying. If you’re a dentist, we find those demented few that actually enjoy flossing.

But while we’re carefully building an audience and contributing promotional posts, it’s your job to keep them interested–to engage your audience. This is where the personality comes in. Social media after all, is social. And it’s fun!

You’re encouraged to be clever, entertaining and to provide relevant industry information. Nobody is more in tune with your business than you. Social media works best when the stream of information is personable, relevant and timely. When you come across an interesting article, video or have a personal epiphany, share it immediately with your audience. That’s the whole appeal of social media–it’s spontaneous and alive. Of course this doesn’t mean you need to over-share details from your personal life (that’s what a personal account is for). Your role in social media marketing is all about developing your business’s personality.

Keeping with the dental example, here’s one approach that may be effective:

Make light of the fact that dentists are notorious for dry wit and one-sided conversation. “A dentist is the opposite of a therapist,” for example. If you think your audience may enjoy the occasional cheesy joke you could say, “Who are the only people that say ‘smile’ more often than photographers?”

In between bad jokes and industry observations, make sure to provide fascinating information related to your line of work. Has there been a breakthrough in teeth whitening? An audience of habitual coffee drinkers might be interested in finding out. Where do you stand in regards to the use of fluoride? Remember, you are the authority in your industry, your Internet marketing company, most likely is not.

Although these examples are relatively specific, hopefully you’re starting to understand the general distinction between the role of the Internet marketing company and the role of the business itself.

Here’s a quick summary:

Responsibilities of the Internet marketing company:

  1. Account set-up
  2. Consistent promotional postings*
  3. Increasing audience size (add Twitter followers and Facebook page ‘likes’)
  4. Boost other Internet marketing efforts (SEO keywords in posts, for example)
  5. Tracking and regular reporting of campaign results (monthly)

*A set number of weekly or monthly postings should be provided by the Internet marketing company. Content for these postings is gathered from public resources, such as your website. You do NOT need to provide the Internet marketing company with any content.

Responsibilities of the business:

  1. Consistent informative and personable postings*
  2. Adding media or personal ‘flair’ to social accounts (pictures, videos, etc.)
  3. Audience interaction: replying to tweets, retweeting, commenting on Facebook, etc.
  4. Have fun! Catch the social media bug and engage with a whole new audience of potential customers.

*Businesses are solely responsible for posting any additional informative content and/or media.


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