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Posted on: February 28, 2013


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Expand your reach with social sharing.

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Email Marketing Details You Can’t Live Without!

Do you have coupons and promotions you want to send to your customers or clients? Do you wish that you could send a monthly newsletter of industry tips and product updates? Do you still use traditional marketing mediums, like post cards and coupon mailers, to communicate?

Communicating vs. Marketing

When email marketing is done properly, you accomplish more than just sending a message to your customer base. Good email marketing initiatives are engaging; they encourage your reader to act: to click to read more about a topic, to donate to your organization, or to attend your company’s upcoming event. If you have information that your customers want or need, email marketing is an efficient platform to deliver this information.

Communicating vs Engaging

How is an email marketing platform different from Outlook emails?

By definition marketing has to be measurable, and an email marketing platform like Constant Contact gives you the tools to track your emails after they leave your inbox. Because you can’t track anything that happens to your email after you send it through Outlook, it becomes communication that talks at your audience. True marketing engages with your audience and tracks the results. An email marketing platform is marketing, because will track opens, clicks, bounces, and email unsubscribes for any email you send out. This means, you can analyze details regarding what is and is not working and make adjustments to your next email campaign.

Email Analytics

A platform like Constant Contact incorporates your design elements and easy-to-use templates, so you can change your emails’ layout and make all of your emails match your branding colors, fonts, and designs. This means your emails will be recognizable as an extension of your brand to your recipients. Because you can sort your recipient lists with an email platform, it ensures your messages are targeted to each different audience: clients, vendors, donors, etc.

Email Platform Example

It is very difficult to share traditional marketing messages. If you send coupons via snail mail to your customer base, and your customer wants to share the coupon with a friend, they have to remember to bring it the next time they see their friend or add additional postage to mail it to their friend. An email marketing platform makes it easy to share emails that contain an interesting article or a juicy discount coupon. Constant Contact, for example, has incorporated the option for all emails to include a “forward to a friend” button and “social share” icons that allow for easy posting to social media accounts.

Social Share

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