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SEO Content Writing – Speak to Me

Blah blah SEO Company Austin blah blah blah Internet Marketing blah— not to be rude, but that’s how a lot of websites read. Not only is it obvious to visitors that you’re using content merely as a delivery vehicle for search keywords, but it’s also clear to Google you’re trying to game their system. Neither search engines or real people take kindly this type of robotic, generic website text. Try and forget about SEO rankings for a minute (blasphemy, I know) and consider the fundamental reason you put text on a website in the first place…

The Purpose of Website Content

It may serve to entertain, or to inform, but for most businesses website content is primarily there to explain what it is you do and to tell visitors why they want it, and then, tell them how to get it. Of course, you want to avoid it coming off like a cheesy sales pitch, so your content needs to strike a balance between informativeness, entertainment value, and practical sales speak. Sure, somewhere along the way—probably in the ‘what you do’ section—you may find the opportunity to naturally work in variations of search keywords. That’s what our SEO content writers do.

Our Content Writers – Those ‘Creative Types’

What, you really think we’re sitting here calculating keyword saturation percentage and counting characters? We’re not. We’re telling stories. The story might be about a foundation repair company built from the ground up or a law firm’s family values, but regardless of the type of business, we’re going to find a story worth sharing.

Get All That SEO Goodness Too

That said, you don’t work for an SEO company without learning a thing or two about how to naturally weave in keywords and optimize content for search engine effectiveness. We got you covered there. All we’re saying is that we speak to the people first, and if Google happens to be listening anxiously over their shoulders—I feel you breathing down my neck, Google—then so be it, we have a little something something in there for them too.

Oh yeah, one more thing…Don’t steal content. It’s wrong, it won’t work, and Google will bust you!


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