Word of Mouth


We have the data. We know our campaigns are doing well, but there are a few things that can’t be measured in Google Analytics. Like how our staff is doing, or what the response has been to our Google Seminars at the Drafthouse…you know, those personal things. So go ahead, tell us how you really feel.


Kudos to our staff…


Ellen and Day have been great is keeping us up to date regarding Google changes, etc. They are great. ~Mary D.


I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the support that I get from both Ellen and Day and also the FMC staff. They are always there to help and respond quickly to all my questions and inquiries. ~Charlotte W.


I think Minerva is great. She is very responsive and her suggestions are helpful. The good news is calls are finally coming in. Followed by jobs. Of course I want more but the trend is up and away. ~Cynthia M.


I want to hand it to you Stathis for putting together a tremendous company. I’m proud to be one of your early clients. Thanks! ~David P.


I believe Nate keeps me informed regularly. I can say if I ever reach out to him, he is back in touch within minutes. ~KM


Feedback from our seminars…


Thank you for the opportunity to attend your seminar today! I found it very practical and helpful, although some of it was a little over my head! πŸ™‚ I submitted my site for the review. ~Robin M.


Two of our marketing people attended the workshop today. They said it was valuable, worth going to. Thanks for letting us know about it! ~Lesley J.


Hi there – The seminar was fantastic. I really enjoyed it. I was wondering if I could get a copy of the slides? ~Angie G.


It was eye-opening and really good information today. Thanks for taking apart adclinic.com so we can make improvements! ~Cindy B. (Facebook comment)


Great seminar! I like the scorecard format rather than the long PowerPoint presentation. And the free drink was a nice bonus too! ~NC (Facebook comment)


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