What we need to get started

In order to begin work on your site we need FTP, hosting, and CMS (if applicable) login information. These logins and passwords were generated when first registering your domain. The domain name is www.yoursitename.com and you can contact your registrar for account information. If you are not responsible for making changes to your site, then your developer should provide you with this information.

Sometimes hosting and domain registration is handled by different services. So there will usually be several sets of login names and passwords we must have before the campaign can begin.

We need this information because preliminary SEO tasks are performed to the back-end of your website. We must have code-level access to start optimizing your site.

CMS is any type of content management system that allows you to make changes to the content or appearance of your site. We will also need your login for this, so that we can quickly add content if necessary.

The first payment must be made before service will begin.


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