What to expect when starting an SEO campaign

After comprehensive keyword research we will provide a list of the most relevant terms based on most-commonly searched AND conversion analysis (whether or not a search for that term is likely to turn into a sale). Then you will approve and make the final decision on what keyword terms will be used for your campaign. (These terms will be used throughout your campaign. The addition of new terms mid-campaign will require more hours and an additional charge)As your site becomes more prominent on the web, other sites may contact you to exchange links. While sometimes this can be beneficial, other times it can be a detriment to your SEO. Therefore, please forward all link requests to us for evaluation.

As your site gains visibility, there is a possibility of SPAM requests. This can be circumvented adding CAPTCHA code to your submission form (this fall under website development rather than SEO).


SEO tasks are performed to the back-end of your website. We will ask you to provide relevant and targeted on page content.​


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