Business Social → Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Can we all finally agree that every business needs a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+? Good, because search engines certainly think so: Google factors Google+ into their results; BING uses Facebook data; and how many Twitter ‘Followers’ a business has is still the most universal indicator of social reach.


Got all those? Then let’s get started on optimizing them for search engines…

Social Accounts & Link Posts

Definition: The creation and population of profiles on social networks that have the most pronounced effect on search engines.


Includes: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn


Plan: Fill out everything. Create custom graphics for Facebook cover photo and Twitter background. Upload pictures and videos. Post informative content and special offers to grow an audience. Create keyword links back to your homepage. Don’t spam followers.


Are you social? →


You need to create social content that gets noticed not just by search engines, but by people. Clever tweets or status updates can work sometimes, but what really grabs the social user’s attention is Videos.


Plan: Create and syndicate web videos to make you stand out from other businesses in the crowded social space.


Go viral →


The ‘Wildcard’ Factor…

We will optimize your social accounts to improve search engine standing; that’s pretty straightforward. But what we can’t predict is what goes ‘wild.’ Maybe your post about Possessed Furbies goes viral…and suddenly, your audience has exploded overnight. It happens.


We gamble on social. The risk is low and the possible rewards are high.


Roll the dice →


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