Auditing & Reporting

We’ve developed a fail-proof system…

  • 1. Audit development with a script that tracks changes to optimized code (Page Monitoring)
  • 2. Audit your website and offer suggestions to improve conversion (Conversion Counseling)

Reporting (Basic & Advanced)

Definition: Basic reporting includes a monthly report with search engine traffic, keyword rankings, and a detailed list of all tasks completed. Advanced reporting includes all of the above, along with goal conversion tracking and phone analytics.
Includes: Keyword visits, average time on site, search engine traffic, visitor location data, most visited pages, goal conversions, site revenue generated (if applicable), and additional metrics available by logging into your Analytics account.
FMC Plan: Install Google Analytics if not present. Analyze client needs and set up goals accordingly. Create multiple profiles if necessary. Report monthly.
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You never know when Google might stop by. Make sure your site in order when search engine bots and users visit by proactively monitoring optimization tasks.
FMC Plan: Install monitoring script as pages get optimized. React immediately to any change in page code that removes or alters SEO development. Prevent setbacks.
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Goal Tracking & Conversion Counseling

Definition: The practice of advising a client on the effectiveness of their website in regards to lead generation and sales.
Conversion Elements: Design, usability, form/phone placement, authority markers, ‘two-second’ rule, landing pages.
FMC Plan: If you site doesn’t convert, your marketing plan does NOT work. Simple as that. We do a full website conversion analysis at the start of every campaign, and we follow-up to make sure our recommendations are carried out. As the campaign goes on we look for new ways to improve conversion.
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Just Say ‘No’ to Duplicate Content…
Checking for and alerting you of duplicate content is yet another part of our continuous auditing process.
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