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Print media may be dying, but online media is alive and thriving. Online press is such an important part of your Authority that we’ve dedicated an entire department to it.


Our client press department deals solely in online press. Heck, if you can get a story on your local news, go for it. But it’s our job to make sure you publish Press Releases that get featured on valuable press sites and bring the attention (authority) back to you.

Press Releases & News

Definition: A formal announcement of company news.


Types: Product or service launch, company award, business partnership, any item to be considered ‘newsworthy.’ PRs may be targeted locally, regionally, nationally, or by industry.


FMC Plan: Schedule and deploy PRs in regular intervals to tell search engines you are always relevant, to generate valuable links, and to jumpstart organic interest.

Press Kit

We are the first Website Marketing company to provide clients with a physical press kit. A press kit can help generate site traffic, a social following, and Google reviews.


Your press kit includes the following:

  • Scannable Company Brochure
  • Social Handouts w/ Offers
  • Google Review Cards w/ QR code

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Celebrate Your Good News…

Often, client press releases are syndicated on widely-known online publications and newspapers. Show off your good press with “Our Company in the News” links on your website.


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