Internet Marketing: The Next Generation

Written by: Drew Lyon   Austin, Texas

Posted on: May 20, 2011



I’m Stathis Edel, President of FindMyCompany. It’s been over five years since we began offering clients a new type of Internet Marketing. This emerging industry, dubbed “Search Engine Optimization,” offered businesses the opportunity to show up higher on Google (and other search engines)—therefore, increasing the odds of “being found” by customers searching for their services and products online.

It was also around this time that businesses starting noticing dust collecting on those 10-pound paper books. What were they called again? “Yellow——somethings?” Not coincidentally, this was about the time when “Google-it” began entering everyday speech. Today, people are carrying the most comprehensive business directory to ever exist, right in their pockets. Hello smartphone, goodbye paperweight. But I digress, let’s get back to the matter at hand: the maturation of a Next Generation Internet Marketing Company.

Our clients have, and continue to have, great success increasing company revenue and brand exposure through their websites. Let us not forget, SEO provides two important value-adds—to directly increase the bottom line through your website AND to develop ongoing online brand promotion (a 24/7 Internet commercial, if you will).

And although, search engine optimization, or “SEO,” remains an important part of our overall Internet Marketing strategy, it’s only one piece of the online visibility pie. And we could never be satisfied offering hungry clients one piece of anything, we want you to have the whole pie. Have as much as you like.

And that’s why—to this day—our company philosophy remains the same: it’s our unflinching desire to “Do everything needed” that ensures lasting success for our clients. Only our marketing methodology is constantly changing—evolving with search engines and other online visibility tools. Complete website optimization has never been a one-person job; optimizing and maintaining a strong search signal takes a village, or in our case, a nimble team of Google-certified experts, social savants, and fluid content writers.

Every month there are new factors that affect website exposure. Major changes implemented by Google include prioritizing local, plugging-in social, rapidly developing mobile, and closely scrutinizing and rewarding original website content. We welcome all search engine updates with open arms—bring ‘em on—they simply give us an opportunity to act first and blaze a trail for others to follow.

Keep in mind, all Google updates are developed with one common goal: improve the quality of search engine results by displaying high-quality relevant websites. In other words, yours.

And to that effect, I would like to share some of our current action items. The following are strategies incorporated into every Search Engine Marketing campaign we perform.

Our Game Plan

Our progressive marketing mentality challenges all emerging search engine visibility factors. For every campaign, leverages the core disciplines influencing search now and for years to come. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Local’s not only Local. We increase overall website authority by optimizing local listings, including Google Places and Bing Local. Optimizing local listings is a necessary and effective strategy no matter what markets you’re targeting.
  2. Get Social already. We encourage you to embrace (ahem, succumb to) the Facebook and Twitter. Now that search engines are weighing social factors and including social content in search results, there isn’t much choice. We seamlessly integrate social into your website marketing strategy.
  3. Mobile search is exploding. We provide mobile website optimization and create mobile-friendly sites and custom apps. This readies you for success as mobile search continues to grow faster than any other platform.
  4. Have we mentioned Content? We audit and author content that facilitates keyword rankings. Committing to quality content takes time and search engines strongly reward websites that regularly publish relevant original content.
  5. Phone Analytics track every lead. Are calls being fielded properly? How many come from Google searches and what exactly are people searching for? What’s the average call time? Now you will know—we ‘re incorporating advanced phone analytics into every new campaign. The tracking works by auto-generating a unique phone number on your website when a visitor arrives from a search engine. Without call tracking, you may not be fully aware of the vast audience your Internet Marketing campaign is reaching.

In addition to shedding light on these valuable marketing strategies, we’re striving to spread the most powerful resource of all: openness of information. We’re not afraid to pull back the blinds and let you see inside our lively home. Transparency has always been an essential part of our relationship with clients; now, we wish to share this information with a wider audience—the widest—anyone interested in listening.

For instance, our blog is informed by actual experience as a search marketing provider. We use this space not only to comment on search marketing practices and news, but to publicly address some of the questions we most commonly get from our diverse group of clients. This resource will only continue to grow in size and value over time.

As always, we will continue to act solely in the best interest of our clients. Complete campaign transparency and fundamentals of website ranking (link development, on-site optimization, proven conversion tactics and dedicated campaign monitoring) remain a critical part of our success. After all, it’s results that matter most.

Best regards,

Stathis Edel
President of FindMyCompany


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