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Doctor, Doctor – Medical SEO Austin

Question: What’s the next logical step for someone who uses the internet to diagnose their own health or medical issues?


Answer: Looking up doctors or medical practices for treatment. On Google.


It’s is the modern way. We search, we find, we choose. Online. We do it from our computers or smartphones or tablets or any one of the many devices in our growing repertoire of always-connected gadgets. This is where the action’s at.

Full Workup

Search engine optimization now goes well beyond your website—at least the way we do it. We include social, local, and mobile optimization strategies in all of our search engine marketing efforts. The works! You can’t cut corners when it comes to this stuff.

Compounding Growth

It’s not like your traditional word-of-mouth referrals are going anywhere. Actually, they will grow right along with the growing list of new clients you’ll be getting referred by your website. They complement each other. It’s the snowball effect and it adds up to compounding growth for your practice.

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