Local & Mobile Search → The Future?

The present. Not only does mobile search represent the most growth, it already accounts for the MAJORITY of local searches. Each one of those local searches is a potential new customer.


*Even worldwide corporations and online-only retailers need local optimization. Search engines use local signals to prioritize search results. Mobile updates also include optimization for tablet devices. iPad anyone?


Google+, Bing, & Locations (Local Updates)

Definition: Updates that promote your site in local search results. Necessary for businesses with physical location(s) and for online, worldwide, and global businesses.


Target Areas: Locations where you have a physical presence, locations where you provide products or services, locations marked for expansion, other relevant locations.


FMC Plan: Create or optimize Google+ Local listing(s) for your business. Inject location code on applicable web pages. Reference location in page content. Increase traffic by capturing localized searches.


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CSS, Sitemaps, Mobile Updates

Definition: Design, code, and file updates that make a website friendly for mobile/tablet browsing and search.


Examples: Mobile CSS, mobile sitemaps, responsive design, mobile websites, mobile apps.


FMC Plan: Evaluate business needs and implement a solution tailored to mobile browsing and optimized for mobile search. Test cross-platform functionality.


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