How it Works

Let’s define ‘it’ as this whole crazy search engine marketing business. So how does SEM work? Well, there are three ways SEM and SEO differ from other types of marketing, so let’s start there.


Target Keywords Instead of Customers

This is probably the most important distinction. Virtually every other type of marketing is designed to target a demographic or “type” of customer. “Men 18-34 who watch sports,” a car manufacturer might say, “that’s our target demo.” But instead of limiting the appeal of your business to certain demographic, why not target “People who use the internet to search for my products and/or services.” By showing up on search engines for general keywords related to your business, you are positioning your website and your business for ongoing success.


People Don’t Like Being Advertised To

The single best thing about search engine marketing is that it’s not advertising. It’s not giant billboards, it’s not dancing monkeys, it’s not people barking at you—in other words, it’s not unwanted. All it does is position your website to be found by people who actually want to see what you have to say and do. It’s the best possible audience of all—a receptive one. They found you, not the other way around.


It’s About  More Than Search Engines

The core effort of search engine marketing is to improve rankings on search engines. Duh. However, the process for doing so has become about so much more. Your presence on social media, the quality of content on your website, local optimization, mobile optimization, and a whole lot more plays a major part in where you show up on search engines. Some of these optimization strategies have become so important they have spawned all new service offerings, social media marketing, for example. But all of these tactics have been incorporated into our SearchFind plans.

It works!


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