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FMC Presents “GOO MEN” at SXSW 2013

“FindMyCompany took a stylish TV-inspired approach to get noticed among the exhibitors. The Mad Men theme highlighted their “Who are the Goo Men” campaign, specifically for SXSW. What does the “Goo” in the “Goo Men” stand for? You guessed it! It stands for Google, a fitting swap for this Austin based SEO company. Attendees could snap a picture of themselves in 60’s fashion and leave with some swanky swag.”
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How to Be Best in Show at SXSW

“FindMyCompany also excelled at being creative in their booth by having a Mad Men theme called “GooMen” compete with cardboard cutouts attendees could pose behind. And, of course, they took pics and posted them to their Facebook Page. Their team also dressed Mad Men style and the whole booth had a retro 60’s vibe. Well done–no corporate snoreporate booths here!”
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Findmycompany in Las Vegas makes a splash on Las Vegas PR building!

Findmycompany in Time Square makes a splash on Time Square PR building!

Findmycompany on Fox News

Fox News reports live from outside the offices of where they have put up a giant QR to generate interest during the annual South by Southwest festival.

On Tap for Google: FindMyCompany’s Seminar Series at the Alamo Drafthouse

“FindMyCompany is a search marketing company headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Their reputation as a leading SEO provider is nothing new to those in the industry, but it’s their recent effort to educate the community with a series of entertaining seminars that is getting them more attention in the growing Austin tech scene.”

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Urban Bread Crumbs – FMC Hosts First Ever Social Media Race

“Urban Bread Crumbs took place on September 8th, 2012, and saw contestants dashing from one notable South Austin checkpoint to the next. Markers included hair salon ‘Wet,’ the famous ‘I love you so much’ wall at Joe’s, food-trailer staple ‘The Mighty Cone,’ and several other South Congress landmarks.”

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FMC’s Crazy iPad Contest

“, an Austin-based Search Engine Marketing Company, is upping the ante for an ongoing social media competition by offering a new iPad to the first person who guesses how many bananas are stacked on the ping-pong table in their Austin corporate office. No joke. Let the social madness begin!” ~The State See full article

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