Yeah, Authority Matters

Two men in white suits approach an office. Knock, knock. “We’re from Google and we have a couple questions for your website…”


1. Exactly how much of an authority are you on your industry, products, or services?

2. And more specifically, what subjects or keyword searches fall under your authority?


If you want Google to recognize you as an authority in your industry, you’re going to need the following:


Definition: Original text on your website used to demonstrate authority to search engines and visitors.


Types of Content: Any text visible to search engines. Text that is part of a static graphic, for example, is NOT readable by search engines. However, all the other text on your homepage, subpages, and blog can be used to communicate authority on a variety of subjects (keywords).


FMC Plan: Feature desired keywords in your content without over-saturating text. Add text links to internal pages without overdoing it. Make sure you add fresh content to homepage, subpages, blog, etc., as often as possible.


Your content score →


Definition: Other websites and people on the web recognize you as an authority. Any connection (or link) to your website from another online source counts as a connection.


Types of Connections: Listing in a directory, a text link on a website, a share on Facebook, any number of other places that reference your website. In the academic sense, think of them as citations.


FMC Plan: It’s about more than quantity. We go after quality connections that are relevant to your industry. Google judges you on the company you keep, so we make sure your connections are with sources held in high authority themselves. New connections will come from relevant industry listings, informative resource sites, online communities, and media sharing sites.


Your authority score →


The best part…

Everything we do to make you an authority in the eyes of search engines helps real people see you as an authority as well. Authority = trust.


Website score →


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