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SEM Austin – Local Natives


It makes sense that the capital of Texas is home to FindMyCompany headquarters. Austin is a hub for new technology and forward-thinking companies. We like to think we fit right in here.


A tech-savvy community of Austinites keep us on our toes and they also appreciate the liberties we take to incorporate new strategies into our search engine marketing campaigns. Heck, what can we say, it works! We’re happy, you’re happy.


We’re Different


Go ahead, compare FindMyCompany with other Austin Search Engine Marketing companies. We have no equal when it comes to variety of campaigns, history of success, and level of campaign visibility. Do your research, because you can bet we’ll be doing ours.


Buyer Beware


Of course, you can always find cheaper, so-called “SEO Solutions.” Just check the spam folder of your inbox. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. This old adage probably applies more to intangible services like website marketing than it ever did to physical goods.



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